We the Italians against coronavirus

We the Italians against coronavirus

We of Italian Americans in Ohio praise the initiative of the organization “We the Italians” that has started a fundraising campaign to help the Spallanzani Hospital, the most important Italian hospital for contagious diseases, to fight coronavirus. 

Please donate here https://www.gofundme.com/f/we-the-italians-against-coronavirus

In the video on this page, the General Director of Spallanzani Hospital, Marta Branca, thanks We the Italians and the Italian Americans who will donate, explains the situation in Italy and what the Spallanzani Hospital needs most and she grants that funds raised will go directly to the hospital, which will use them for the most urgent needs related to the coronavirus crisis. They cure people from all over Italy. Here you can find their history https://www.inmi.it/istituzione/storia_dell_istituto

Let’s show that the Italian American community is responding to the request for help. No amount is too small, and none is too large. Please help the Italy that you love, that you want to visit again, where you have your heritage.

Please: donate, share the video and the link, post it on your sites and social media accounts. If you are an association, please tell your members to participate, raise funds and donate them. If you know a famous Italian American, please ask him or her to shoot a video to ask to donate. If you are in contact with a media, a radio, a tv, a website, please share this with them, I am available to explain what’s happening here and ask for a donation. Let’s work together, let’s be partners, let’s unite Italy and the Italian American community. I’m open to ideas to raise as much help as we can, together.

We the Italians has also started a daily videobroadcast from Italy on lockdown, to better explain what’s happening here in Italy. 

Here are the first eight videos published on our YouTube channel, here