The Capitoline Wolf Statue: Tying Ohio and Italy Together Since 1931

The Capitoline Wolf Statue: Tying Ohio and Italy Together Since 1931

Madeline Northup

In 1931, the Order of the Sons of Italy’s Cincinnatus Lodge received the gift of a lifetime: an exact replica of the Capitoline Wolf Statue in Rome. Two years earlier, when preparing for the 1931 Bicentennial Ohio State Convention, they had heard of a copy being made for Rome, Georgia. Boasting the name of a prominent Roman general, they thought Cincinnati should have one too.

Starting out small, they upgraded to a bigger, more exact replica in 1932, and installed what we know as the statue that stood there for ninety years, bringing joy and knowledge to all those who passed through Eden Park, where it was located.

Romulus and Remus stand alone where the she-wolf used to be. Provided by Cincinnati Enquirer.

When the Capitoline Wolf Statue was stolen this past June, harshly cut off at the ankles, I couldn’t help but wonder why. Why would someone steal something that brought people many fond memories, and further learning opportunities for those around them? Fortunately, though, there are people out there who are more than willing to reinstitute this hallmark of Cincinnati, tying Ohio to Italy in a small but significant way.

Mold of Capitoline Wolf Statue. Provided by Cincinnati Enquirer.

The Order of the Sons and Daughters of Italy in America’s Cincinnati Chapter has partnered with the Cincinnati Parks Foundation to remake and reinstall the statue. Their plan is to use the cast from the original mold in Florence, Italy to do this, and ship it back to the United States after its construction. Through multiple fundraisers and donation efforts, they were able to raise enough money to do so. Along with the statue, there will be a new sign explaining its origins and historical importance.

For more information on this effort, please visit The Capitoline Wolf – Cincinnati Parks Foundation.