Sante Matteo – First Communion

Many thanks to Sante Matteo for sharing this picture that depicts him at the time of his first communion.

Celebrating Federico Fellini Centennial with an Online Conversation

Federico Fellini (born in 2020) changed the world of cinema forever, and with his movie “La dolce vita” reshaped the image of Italy all over the world. We are happy to share a link to an online conversation moderated by Alessandro Ago, Director of Programming and Special Projects, USC School of Cinematic Arts. The participants…
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Caricature – Sante Matteo

An artist made this caricature of Dr. Sante Matteo when he was a college student in 1969. Please note the elements that stereotypically depict Italian Americans: the Black Hand, the pocket knife, the violin case (probably hiding a tommy gun), the black shirt (possible reference to Fascism). And of course he is making wine pressing…
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An interview with Angela Turchi, Università di Macerata, Italy

We are happy to introduce Angela Turchi, who is a student at the Universit√† di Macerata in Italy. She is working on a research on the interest on the Italian language in the United States. She also prepared a brief survey, and we encourage everyone who studies Italian to participate. The link to the survey…
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Hidden Figure Mother Cabrini

We are happy to share this article written by Dr. Mary Kovach, Associate Professor at Miami University, Commerce Department, on Francesca Xavier Cabrini, also known as Mother Cabrini, the first American citizen proclaimed saint in 1946, and Patroness of Immigrants since 1950. The article has been published in the AURCO Journal, Volume, 26, Spring 2020,…
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Coming to Dick and Jane’s America

We include the link to an article written by Dr. Sante Matteo, Professor Emeritus, Miami University. “Coming to Dick and Jane’s America” is an autobiographical account of Matteo’s childhood in the Italian town of Petrella Tifernina (Molise) and his migration to the United States of America. The article has been published on the online review…
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