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Family Pictures shared by Joe Geraci

It is with great pleasure that we publish some family pictures shared by Joe Geraci. The first picture was shot in 1908 for the baptism of Joe’s great-uncle, Frank Sansone. Fabiano Sansone (Joe’s maternal grandfather) is holding the baby, and Carl Sansone (the second Joe’s maternal grandfather) is at the right of Fabiano. Guiseppe Geraci…
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Letters from the Past

It is my pleasure to include in this project some letters exchanged in the 1950s-1960s between members of the family of Annie and Susan Settevendemie. Part of the family was in Ohio, part was in Abruzzo, Italy (Pratola Peligna), but they maintained a strong and affectionate connection over the years. We make these letters available…
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Emma Coleman’s pictures

Emma Coleman’s great grandparents (“Bisnonni”) Camillo DiSerio and Camella Amicone with their first and second sons Giovanni and Antonio. This is the first professional photo that they took in America. A picture of the DiSerio Family in Roswell. Camillo DiSerio and Camella Amicone had 12 children but only 9 appear in the picture, because two…
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Suzanne Perazzo’s pictures

From left to right: Carmella Maria Caterina Rolandelli (Suzanne Perazzo’s grandmother) with her sisters Margherita Rolandelli, and Maria Rolandelli. On the left, Suzanne’s great grandmother Perazzo. Form Left to right: Stefano Perazzo (Suzanne’s grandfather), Marcella (Suzanne’s aunt Jean), and Maria Caterina Rolandelli Perazzo (Suzanne’s grandmother).

Steve Milano’s Pictures

Family picture (Easter 1903) The Talerico Family (ca. 1918) Antonio Milano (ca. 1918) Milano kids (ca. 1918) Mary Talerico and John Siriani wedding picture (February 18th, 1922) Nicotera wedding (New York City, 1934) Phil Siriani (1939-1940) Christmas 1940 World War II engagement Bronx grave

Corrina and Angela Siciliano’s Family Pictures

Angela Siciliano received this bracelet from her great aunt Helen. The bracelet was bought by Angela and Corrina’s great uncle Carmelo Spano for his girlfriend. Sadly, Carmelo was killed in World War 2 before he had a chance to give it to her. This is a picture Angela and Corrina’s great uncle Carmelo Spano in…
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The Website of the Nardella Family

I am very happy to share with you the link to the Nardella Family website: it is an amazing resource that provides stories, family pictures, and even traditional recipes. Many thanks to Gianni Rosa for sharing the link.